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The concept of digitalization has become an integral part of the corporate world. Every company has to deal with this topic. Many already claim to work digitally. But what does the term digitalization really mean? When is a company digital?

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Conversion from analog to digital data

Digitization occurs when analog data, for example in paper form, is converted into digital data and used. Scanning incoming mail, for example, is a conversion from analog to digital data.

But what happens to the data in the company when it is available digitally? How is it used?

Standardization as a requirement for digital processes

We started converting analog to digital data in 2008. However, the data that was then available digitally no longer matched the paper-based processes at that time. Accordingly, the operational procedures (processes) had to be adapted, which we did. We also discovered that only standardized processes lead to a meaningful use of digitally available data. That is why the development of standardized processes was and is a prerequisite for the digitalization of operational processes.

Digitization of operational processes

Often, digital transformation begins with the challenge of what to do with the digitally available data. The next question is therefore how to change the operational processes so that the digital data can be used meaningfully in the company. As we see it, this is where digitalization really begins. So if you are thinking about digitalization in the future, you now know that scanning documents is old school and only the first step in the transformation process.

How does digitalization succeed?

Simply changing the processes and creating the technical infrastructure would be too good to be true. Unfortunately, it is not enough. Even if digitalization has a high technical relevance, another factor is even more important.

Digitalization will only succeed if all people working in and with the company are aware of the task. You must therefore create a corresponding awareness (digital awareness) both among employees and among their business partners.

“When was the last time you did something for the first time?”

Mikael Krogerus/Roman Tschäppeler:

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Digitalization at HERATAX

We have been working completely digitally internally since 2012. Everyone at HERATAX is also constantly exchanging ideas with each other and with the clients on how the digitalization of processes can be further developed.

Since every company is different, we deal with the operational processes of the clients in order to be able to respond to their individual needs. This form of collaboration and permanent focus on your needs ensures a continuous improvement of your operational processes.


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