Salary Statement

On time and accurate.

Salary Statement

Every company that employs staff has to prepare payrolls for its personnel. You can prepare them yourself in your company or hire us.

We have decades of experience in payroll accounting. We know the stumbling blocks and have appropriate solutions for a legally compliant preparation for you. We are also happy to support you if you prepare your payroll in-house. Please contact us.

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Creation according to your needs

  • Download of salary documents with DATEV portal Unternehmen-Online

  • Calculation of personnel costs

  • Supervision of payroll tax and/or social security audits

  • Prelimenary recording options

DATEV Unternhemen Online and more

Payrolls are prepared as required with digital pre-capture options, e.g. via DATEV Unternehmen-Online. Your employees receive the payrolls and all other relevant documents, e.g. wage tax certificates, via the DATEV portal “Employees Online”, a DS-GVO compliant and protected access with 2-factor authentication. By handling the creation process digitally, employee queries and rework are avoided. This allows you to concentrate even better on your business.

Wage Tax and Social Security Audits

As the supervision of payroll tax and social security audits is part of our daily business, we are happy to take care of these alongside the preparation of payrolls if you wish.


Human Resource Management with Durica Radenovic

Leading with Meaning

Nico Rose, Haufe 2020, 125 pages.

Join our partner Durica Radenovic in his search for the why. In this book it is answered concretely for employees and bosses.

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