Annual Financial Statements

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Annual Financial Statements

Does your year-end preparation start on 31 December or later?

If so, it’s time for a change. For us, preparing the annual financial statements starts with the January accounting. Why? It’s simple: all important questions concerning the financial statements are asked and coordinated with the December accounts. We do not postpone important questions until tomorrow. Our guiding principle: accounting at year-end level. And it’s all completely digital.

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Do you do your own accounting?

We are very familiar with importing your accounting data. As soon as your accounting is ready, we transfer it to our system via program interfaces or data import. On this basis, we will prepare your annual financial statements. On the start page you will find an overview of accounting programs whose interfaces we already use. We will be happy to check whether an interface between your accounting program and our DATEV office system is available.

We prepare the following for you:

  • Commercial balance sheet and tax balance sheet

  • Profit and loss account

  • Notes and management report

  • Special and supplementary balance sheets

  • Statement of changes in capital accounts

Let us do the work for you

We take care of your annual financial statements and keep track of all deadlines. We take care of the electronic publication in the Federal Gazette and transmit your balance sheets electronically to the tax authorities. We gladly offer our know-how and also advise you on tax-optimizing accounting topics.

Our four-eyes principle

Is it important to you that the annual financial statements prepared for you by our employees are checked by our partner with responsibility for the engagement? For us, it certainly is. All annual financial statements as well as all e-mails and evaluations that leave our office have been checked by two people. We place great emphasis on professional and formal quality. We take the time.

Commercial balance sheet and tax balance sheet

Are you looking for an expert who is fully conversant with the comprehensive commercial and tax regulations and applies them to the preparation of annual financial statements? You have come to the right place. We prepare your commercial and tax balance sheets!

Digital annual financial statement

We will send your final financial statements as a convenient PDF file. In addition, you will receive a printed version of the annual financial statements by mail. Why? The legal requirements stipulate that printed annual financial statements must be retained for a period of 10 years. We will send you an email when the retention period for the financial statements ends. In this way, you can keep track of all relevant deadlines.

Notes and management report

Have you also heard that, in addition to the balance sheet and income statement, notes or a management report may be needed? When we prepare the financial statements, we check as a matter of course whether notes or a management report are required and, if necessary, prepare them for you.

Special and supplementary balance sheets

In addition to the annual financial statements, certain companies are required to prepare special and supplementary balance sheets. We keep an eye on whether this requirement is relevant for your company. If special and supplementary balance sheets are needed, we will of course prepare them for you.

Place your trust in us.