Business Administration

Setting the course together.

Business Consulting

The management, control and organization of your company is your business. Closely linked to accounting, you receive valuable benefits from our business management consulting. You have your accounting in-house or we prepare your figures. Depending on the organization of your company, we optimize your business together and help with business management decisions.

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Your Advantages

  • Advice and assistance with business management issues

  • Timely explanation and monitoring of your business results

  • Company valuations

Your Numbers – Your Goals

Business management is based on timely and reliably prepared business figures. You provide the data and we prepare it for you so that we can discuss your business management goals and figures together. We support you in the preparation and interpretation of the business management figures and results up to the valuation of your company.

“Not everything that can be measured counts, and not everything that counts can be measured.”

Henry Mintzberg, Bedtime Stories for Managers


Angela Hamatschek and Durica Radenovic talk about scrambled eggs, conductors and sacred cows. With a lot of wink and humor, Henry Mintzberg manages to question his own leadership behavior. And there’s a good joke at the end.

The Best Bedtime Stories for Leaders – The Best from Management Guru Henry Mintzberg, July 2019, 176 pages.

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